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The JRE Testimonials Page - Articles - Reviews and Videos -

We at JRE can never thank our customers and fans enough for all the support and ideas they have given us. This page is dedicated to all the folks who have taken the time to thank us back. We have compiled a collection of notes, articles, tidbits, reviews, videos and other various tokens of appreciation from our customers.
Thank You To All Of You.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend,
My doorbell rang about 10 minutes ago and it was the mail. I had this gut instinct that it was good news. Lo and behold it was my knife. I knew the sheath was beautiful from the picture Spen had sent me, but holy cow...I was blown away. It is beyond my wildest dreams. It's a completely different knife when it's in your sheath compared to that generic, cheapo one that came with the knife to begin with. It truly is gorgeous.
Thanks so much Spen!
Outstanding job!
I read all the stellar reviews on your sheaths & now share in their high opinion.
Never seen a design like the IWB band you put on the sheath. Functional & good looking at the same time.
The sheath is a beauty; sleek, comfortable & a tight fit. Thanks again.
I just received a sheath I ordered - "Becker Knife and Tool BK2 Cricket Sheath - Firesteel Loop - Horizontal - Vertical" and I wanted to say thank-you for an excellent product! Not only did it come earlier than I had expected, but you also included a small sample strop pre-loaded with black compound. I've never used a compound/strop before, and I was so impressed by the results I ordered the strop bat along with compounds.
Thank-you again,
Jeff E.
I received my sheath order today and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased. You guys do a fantastic job. The simple lines of the pouch sheath are just what I was looking for. My Bark River Huntsman fits into it as it should, which of course is an understatement from my experience with trying to fit a non fitting production sheath. I am glad I found you in my search for a custom sheath maker. Thank you for providing me with such an awesome project as this.
To my surprise, the sheath arrived today. It was well worth the wait! What a lovely sheath - I can't wait to take it for a walk in the woods next week. Seriously fine craftsmanship! Thanks so much!
Good afternoon Spen;
The sheath arrived yesterday. The knife fit perfectly, and the sheath itself is so nice, my only regret is that I can't go to work (or walk around NYC) with it dangling from my belt (unless I want to end up incarcerated). JRE provides a product that shows great craftsmanship and attention to detail; you and your staff obviously take alot of pride in your work. Thank you very much.
The sheath, Belt and Stone arrived yesterday.
It was worth the wait.
Beautiful craftmanship and exactly as requested, thank you very much and all the best in your future endeavours.
I received the package today.
Your work is amazing!
Thank you VERY much!
I see many years of wonderful use from these!
I received my sheath today and it is spectacular. Exactly what I wanted and it fits like a glove.
Thank you and thank Spen the Craftsman
Just like to let you know I received my two sheath’s and fire steel’s yesterday.
They are pure perfection.
Hope to place more order’s in the future.
Thanks Again
Peter S.
I would like to thank you for getting my order out to me by Christmas. The present was a huge success. I heard nothing but compliments from everyone who looked the sheath and a thousand thank you's when it was unwrapped. My family is traditionally not easy to buy for, but this was a home run. And I am quite impressed with your quality of your product and the workmanship that went into it. In fact I liked it so much I am thinking about getting one made for myself just in a much smaller version.
Thank you again Eli
Got my sheath in the mail last night and man, it's a thing of beauty.It's a breath of fresh air to buy a product from a company who stands by their word and delivers a hand crafted, made in America product you can be proud of. I love this sheath and it fits my knife like a glove. Nice work my friend, you stuck to your agreement, delivered a quality product made by American workers and did it all while expanding your operation and moving to a new facility - I'm truly impressed. I will be ordering another before long I suspect. Additionally, I'll be showing this off to other like minded men who know there some hard times ahead and understand the value solid gear plays in dealing with it.
Keep your nose to the grind stone and your eyes on the horizon.
"R C"
Former Marine & Satisfied customer
Just returned from the UK where I picked up my sheath and had first opportunity to try the knife in it.
Very very happy with it - fantastically well made, great snug fit, ideal for my needs.
Thank-you very much.
Hello Dan!
It's me, Erwin from Italy. I just wanted to inform you that yesterday the package has finally arrived! Spen did a great job - the sheath is excellent and with the knife, the sharpening stone and the fire stone it's a perfect combination!
Thank you very much!
Hi Dan,
Just arrived home from an African vacation to find my two new sheaths waiting for me, a very nice surprise indeed.
Both are exactly what I was chasing! The only problem I have right now, is that they look far too new!!
That should be sorted pretty quickly as I head off on a filming trip into the bush for 2 weeks as of the 1st of Nov,
both sheaths will come alonng for the ride.
Hi Dan,
I got the sheath and the strop bat today. I just want to say that I'm very impressed with the quality of both.
The sheath fits my "Strider Wrapped" Ontario Shiv perfectly, and really lifts this knife to a new level!
The strop bat is really solid too, it will help me achieve those hair-whittling edges...
Thank you for a very pleasant buying experience!
Botond, Auckland
Hi Spen,
Thank you so much for the awesome sheath!! I received the sheath last Saturday and I was amazed by the quality and beauty of it. This is great craftmanship and the F1 Maroon Micarta (and my firesteel) fits like a glove into the sheath, so I'm very happy!
Kind regards Frank
I got the order and I couldn't be happier. I tried 2 other custom companies and neither compare. They're amazing and that field strop is perfect.
Thanks again, Chris.
Just wanted to let you know that I received the sheath yesterday and it is awesome. Very well done and obviously very high quality.
Thanks again for all the hard work put into it and I look forward to doing business again with yall in the near future.
I've just received the custom sheath for my RAT RC4. It was completely worth the wait! I'm really delighted with the craftsmanship and care that has gone into making it. Further, the personal specifications which make this sheath unique to my needs have been implemented to perfection. My spyderco double stuff pocket stone has a reassuringly snug fit in its holder, and the multiple carry options will give me a lot of flexibility in how I use the knife.
I am really, really happy with this product.
Many Thanks,
The Cascade & sheath arrived this afternoon. It's absolutely perfect.
The angle is great, the knife is a good fit, and everything disappears under a t-shirt (or sweatshirt, if the weather ever changes).
Thanks for puttin' that together for me. I am 100% satisfied with it.
Regards, Dale
I got the sheaths today; WOW! Just what I expected, very good quality and the knives fit like hand in a glove! VERY GOOD QUALITY!
I will definitely make new orders in the future!
Take care,
K. T. ~ Finland ~
I just received it today!
Well worth the wait.  Thanks alot.  You guys do some fine work.
Hello Spen!
The package arrived today and it was PERFECT.
Highest class on the leather and craftmanship. I am impressed and already thinking of new sheaths to order.
Thanks a lot for the great work.
Best regards: Fredrik L
Hi Spen,
The sheath has arrived and it looks great!
The design and color are perfect. I love the snug fit the Sebenza has. No worries about losing it!
I will be posting some pictures of the sheath on the knife forums soon.
I hope it is all right to mention your company. There will be a lot of interest.
Thanks for everything,
Got the knife sheath I ordered in the mail this weekend. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks and that it was worth the wait! It was exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks again!
Allen B
I received my sheath on Saturday morning and am beyond satisfied.
You guys really pulled through for me and I greatly appreciate it.
It just goes to show you that there are still some good people who truly care about their customers.  I wanted to let you know that your craftsmanship and customer service are superb.  
Thank you again for all your help in making a quality piece of equipment that should last a lifetime.
 I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Chris T

Hey Spen, I got my sheath today and have to say it was worth the wait. Man y'all hit the nail on the head. I know it will bring me years of comfortable wear. Thanks again for the great customer service, I may have you make some more in the future. I know my friends will be wanting some leather goods as well.
Sent from BB

Hello Spen:
Just wanted to let you know I received my sheath.  It was worth the wait.  Hope your business continues to grow.  Don't be surprised if you get another order from me soon.  Take care.
I just wanted to thank you for the sheath. It is EXACTLY what I had wanted. I would not hesitate to order another sheath from you guys in the future.
All the Best,
Just received my Cricket sheath this week. One word to describe it-AWESOME. Sure is nice to see a quality product made here in the US. It will be a conversation piece and I'm really proud to be the owner. Thanks - Robert -
Your sheaths will give very good extra value to knives.
It's like bringing them alive with soul!
Thank You!
~ K.T. ~
Great job on the sheath and belt! The quality of both pieces is impeccable, and I'm looking forward to utilizing the sheath very soon.
Thanks for doing such excellent work!
I received the Tactical - Gundy yesterday... what an excellent design, and what great craftsmanship!
I'll let you know about the Barkie!
Thanks a lot!
I received my Fiddleback Hunter and Koster nessmuk sheaths today. FANTASTIC as always!! Nice job!! You guys do outstanding work. I think these are the 4th and 5th sheaths I've purchased from you. Everyone of them has been great!
~ Dave ~
Hi Spen;
I just received the brown belt & horizontal Cricket Sheath from you & I think the workmanship is EXCELLENT!!!!
So I thought way not get a black belt also!
Thanks - Mike
"The strop bat from JRE Industries is the best product I've ever used for taking your average sharp edge to SCARY sharp. I bought it and a set of the compounds and I'm completely satisfied with everything. I use it to put a finishing edge on all my knives and even my wildlife hatchet.

As good as the strop bat is, however, it can't compare to the customer service JRE provided. The product shipped lightening fast and, unfortunately, I received two green and one pink compounds instead of a set of 1 each Black - Green and Pink....
Dan shipped the missing compound as soon as I told him and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied.

It was a pleasure to do business with JRE. Mistakes happen and it is when they do that great customer service shines. I wish every company was as diligent and easy to deal with."
- Josh -

Hi Spen,
Just wanted to let you guys know that the sheath arrived safely and that I'm really impressed with it! It's exactly what I wanted!
I'll recommend you whenever I get the chance. Thanks guys!
Dear Spen;
Thank you so much for all of the hard work done on my sheath. I Love Love Love
it. My two older brothers were in town for the weekend and I was showing it off
to them.. they were impressed. I can't wait until next hunting season when I
will wear it with pride. Thanks again for all of the hard work. I hope that we
can do business again sometime in the future.
All my best,
Hey JRE,
My package arrived yesterday, man, what do I say....
First, could you thank Spen for me on his outstanding work?
Its just what I wanted, and the deal ya'll gave me sweetned it even more.
I appreciate the work, and I look forward to giving ya'll my business in the future.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Your satisfied customer,
THE GOODS ARE IN CROATIA!!! I received today the package on my job. I'm the proud owner of Sterkh-1 and custom JRE custom cricket sheath, maybe first for the knife and definitely first for the sheath! :))))) I will not say anything for the knife because all the facts are well known, but a few words for the sheath is a must.
1. craftsmanship is SUPERB! It's strong stitched and nicely detailed without any over-making, a perfect balance of beauty and every day usefulness. A beautiful piece of work, you have made a 10/10 product.
2.The Zippo pocket is very well made, seems like it's a part of the sheath, thinner leather but strong enough to endure any field abuse.
3. I can see why I waited for the knife now, it fits like a glove in the sheath, no wobbling around whatsoever.
4.As goes for the 2" belt installation, it's snug as hell, I've had difficulties to remove it from the belt first time, but I managed (going with a knife sheath on the belt around the company could raise some attention :) )
So, again a apologize for any inconvenience, I will definitely spread the word about your company and user-friendly communication among my friends and as for my sake, after I decide between BK2 and Buck Omni Hunter, I will order again from you some custom-candy ;). Stay well, keep a good work and give my best to you colleague,
You happy customer,

I received my Fallkniven A1 sheath the other day, and it's absolutely perfect! Great fit, awesome blade retention, and very comfortable to wear. By far, the best made sheath I've ever owned. Can't wait for my S1 sheath. I chose you guys based on several great online reviews, and they were all right. Great quality, and superb customer service. Thanks!

Jason "Jeeter"
"Dig it, brother!"

I just have to say that I´ve been looking for a horizontal sheath for a while but haven´t found anything that comes close to yours, they are just perfect, you are great at this.

I received your package, thank you very much all my guys really appreciated the keychains and the triple A's all of our petzl headlamps run off of triple A's and they were getting pretty rare around here. I am going to hand out the candy to the kids on patrol. I want you to know that when I get somewhere with a printer I will be sending you a certificate of appreciation from my squad.

Ever since I read about you on the American Bushman website I have known that this was a company I want to support. Thank you for your polite service. I have ordered things off many websites but never gotten a personal email asking me my preference on a product.

Hello maestro of the leather sheath!I just received the sheath today and it is awesome! It is exactly what I had pictured in my head. Taking the pouch off of the actual sheath was a good decision. I am really, really pleased.

I received the knife sheath last week that I’d ordered earlier. It is perfect and is exactly what I was looking for! Its well built and very functional… definitely worth the wait. Thanks again for a great product. Kirk D

FYI got my order. Wow! Quality is worth waiting for. A job well done and my highest praise. Thanks for putting up with my emails. Sincerely, Tom W

The belt came today and it is wonderful. I just switched out the buckle to one i just bought in anticipation of the new belt. You made my day, the work is great and I couldn't be happier. Aaron

To whom it may concern:
I just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how impressed I am with your work. I am a die hard Fallkniven fan, and the cricket sheath I orded from you is topshelf work all the way! I already had the Fallkniven A-1 and ordered the S-1 and two matching sheaths for both from you and I am equally impressed with both. They make actually carrying these knives a pleasure. I am currently working for the Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District working on the Everglades restoration project on the west coast of Florida. My knives are with me daily and are depended upon tools as we work offshore and in the middle of the Florida everglades. Excellent products guys!! And made in the USA! Thanks from a new loyal customer, Tony M

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for my sheath. It is fantastic! I wasn't sure exactly how the stone pouch was going to be incorporated into the sheath but it's absolutely ingenious! The craftsmanship is remarkable! My humble (but trusty) F1 now feels like a truly custom piece. The horizontal carry is excellent! You have definately exceeded my wildest expectations! I'm truly proud to own this sheath and I'm looking forward to many outdoor adventures with it. Not only is it amazingly functional but it looks beautiful! I can already tell however that it's going to be my every day carry knife (when I'm off duty) due to the comfort of the sheath. When I'm off duty I've already got to conceal a pistol so being able to carry this knife is a sinch! It was definately worth the wait! You should be very proud of the work that you do, it's not very often that I actually take the time to thank someone for something that I paid for but this is really something special! Thank you very much! Sincerest regards, C.C. Keep up the good work!

I recieved my sheath last week, I worn it a couple of times the last week and must say it is really great. It looks great and works like a charm, great piece of craftmanship. Thank again, looking forward to buy more stuff from you! ps. the tinder was superb, cant get anything like here in Sweden.

Just got the sheath in! It's a great fit! I love it! I'm sure it will see years and years of use! Thanks again! I'll be contacting you in the future and sending any business your way that I hear of! Happy Holidays to you and yours! E.L.

Got the H1 today guys. It looks awesome! Your guy does great work. great feel to it as well. The sheath is perfect Spen! Exactly what I wanted. Simple and functional and works awesome with the S-Biner. Thanks much guys!

Spen; Thanks for fixing the busse HG-55 sheath for me so fast. This is definitely the best sheath I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Its exactly what I wanted :)

Received the sheath this afternoon. The sheath is beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for and more. Thanks so much!

Spen, I got the sheath and the firesteel, but just wanted to comment that I love the craftsmanship that you have put into the sheath. I'm very pleased with it, and I thank you for your service... C...

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