Chicago Screw Dangler


  •  This Dangler can be attached to any D-Ring.
  • Use this to add a Dangler to the Benchmade 162 Bushcraft Sheath.
  • $5.00

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Split Ring Dangler


  •  This Dangler does not have a snap.
  • Split ring can be used on a thin belt loop to add a Dangler.
  • $5.00

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S-Biner Dangler


  •  Dangler does not have a snap.
  • Nite-Ize #3 S-Biner
  • Use for keys, Firesteel, or anything else you would like.
  • $5.00

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Swedish Dangler


  •  Casstrom #3 Carabiner
  • Dual Snap closure.
  • This Dangler can be added to any sheath with a belt loop around 1" wide.
  • $30.00

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Hasp Dangler


The bottom part is a threaded rod.  Remove and place on a sheath to create a Dangler.

Recommended to use removable thread lock to prevent the rod from loosening up.

Inside width is just under 1".

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Key Fobs

KeyFob Key Keepers


  •  Keep your keys secure on your belt.
  • Snap closure.
  • $8.00

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Key Rings


  •  Leather Tab with split ring.
  • $1.00

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Fire Steels

LMF Orange 2.0


  • Light My Fire Blaze Orange  2.0
  • Integrated whistle in striker.
  • 3/8" Dia Rod.
  • $14.95

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LMF Army Firesteel


  • Light My Fire Blaze Orange  2.0
  • Integrated whistle in striker.
  • 3/8" Dia Rod.
  • $14.95

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LMF Mini Blaze Orange Handle


  • Light My Fire Mini Firesteel
  • Orange Handle
  • 1/4" Dia Ron.
  • $6.00

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Miscellaneous Items

Poor Man's Knife Harness


  • Approximately 8' of Paracord.
  • Shoulder harness can be used to hang a sheath under you arm.
  • Slider to adjust fit.
  • Easily taken apart to customize.
  • $7.00

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Stacked Leather Washers


  •  Approximately 40 washers which is around 5" uncompressed.
  • Can be used for stacked leather handles.About 1-1/2" X 1-1/4".
  • Mostly will be Dark Brown, but may include Undyed or Black as well. 
  • $6.00 per set

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Utility Wax 2oz



Utility Wax

Lubricate – Protect – Soften – Seal – Waterproof – Moisturize

100% Natural ingredients.  0% chemicals or junk.

Ingredients: Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil & Bees Wax.

Created by our friends at 3Key Outfitters

Facts about our ingredients:

  • Olive Oil – Cold pressed and completely sourced (grown, produced, and bottled) from Italy.  Bureau Veritas certified.
  • Bees Wax –  Just bees wax. No additives and no parabens.  Food grade.
  • Polypropylene container – Don’t throw it away! We specifically chose these containers to be cleaned and used for other outdoor needs – store your fishing kit or herbs for cooking, use it as a pill box or for fire tinder, or maybe a little Cayenne pepper for the rodents!

Here’s a few more examples of how to use:

  • Long lasting moisture barrier for your blade
  • Seals and protects leather sheaths
  • Waterproof cloth and shoes
  • Lube and protect zippers and snaps closures  (keep them from rusting!)
  • Moisturize dry skin
  • Works as a stand-in boot polish
  • Lube hard-to-open jar lids
  • And more…. all while being completely non-toxic, food grade and safe to use.

*This product is roughly 50g. These batches are custom made, so please allow for slight variances. For reference, a tube of lip balm weighs about 4g.